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Local Initiative School

Toland way is a lis school

Local Initiative Schools (LIS) were established in December of 2011, through the Local School Stabilization and Empowerment Initiative (LSSEI) agreement signed between LAUSD and UTLA that offers schools the ability to be thoughtful and specific about how and what they offer through different school autonomy options.  The main belief of the new agreement is that the staff, students, and families at school sites are better prepared to determine the best practices and policies to meet their students' needs to increase student learning.  Schools can take greater ownership of their site-based decision-making on many different matters ranging from curriculum to staffing to governance.  In May 2012, LAUSD and the Associated Administrators of Los Angeles (AALA) signed an aligned agreement, indicating AALA's ongoing support of their members should they choose to work with their schools on one of these autonomy models.


Toland Way became a LIS school in 2016.  We selected autonomies in the following areas:

  • Methods to improve pedagogy and student achievement
  • Assessment
  • Local Schedule and Strategy
  • Professional Development
  • Staff Selection

The Local School Leadership Council, an elected group of parents, community members, and Toland Way staff, makes decisions about these autonomies.  Please visit the Local School Leadership Council tab for more information.


To view the Toland Way LIS plan, please visit