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Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Toland Way is a learning community that acknowledges the strengths and uniqueness of each individual student, while promoting academic and personal excellence. We strive to create a safe, welcoming environment with clear expectations and mutual respect.


School Mission

The mission of Toland Way Elementary is to increase student academic and social achievement through the collaborative efforts of the school, family and community partners. This mission is based on the belief that:

• All children are capable of learning
• Children learn best when they form successful relationships
• Children will demonstrate mutual respect for all people
• Children bring prior knowledge and a belief systems to school that support the learning process. Our goal as a school community is to provide access to an appropriate standards-based curriculum in order for every child to have the opportunity to reach his/her full potential. Our mission is such that each child will leave Toland Way with self-confidence, a sense of responsibility, and respect for others. As a school community we will ensure that all classrooms are well equipped to meet the needs of all students.